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Symantec Endpoint Protection Error Code 6

Solution: Corrected the queries in the reports so that the counts are consistent. SEPM current deployment settings do not work consistently Fix ID: 3567574 Symptom: The option Apply current deployment settings to other groups does not work consistently. ScriptGen: ShowServiceProgress() reset script failure event. GUP fails to retrieve content from SEPM with error: “GUProxy - not enough memory” Fix ID: 3652490 Symptom: The Symantec Endpoint Protection client cannot download the full definition contents (full.zip) when http://netlookmag.com/symantec-endpoint/symantec-endpoint-protection-error-code-11-whitelist-failure.html

Provide feedback on this article Request Assistance Print Article Products Subscribe to this Article Manage your Subscriptions Search Again Situation This article describesthe differenterror codes that appear within the logs When IE launches by other methods, Application and Device Control blocks it. Try these resources. Device control policy to block printer results in blocking USB Hub devices Fix ID: 3644812 Symptom: A device control policy to block printer devices actually results in blocking USB Hub devices

Solution: The security status summary on the Home page now counts SONAR-disabled clients correctly. It now reads Last Scan Completed. Heartbeat interval permanently reduced to 3 seconds or 1 second if the option to download policies and content from the management server is unchecked on SEPM Fix ID: 3680818 Symptom: If Symantec Endpoint Protection Alert The scan engine has changed but could not be loaded.

NIC driver issues after using Cleanwipe Fix ID: 3611336 Symptom: When you run the latest version of Cleanwipe while logged on with a user account that is a member of two This may happen after the computer has been put to sleep, and was woke up after a few days. Solution: Corrected the FileCache dialog logic. AutoUpgrade feature set change fails if an uninstall password is set Fix ID: 3588225 Symptom: You configure AutoUpgrade to change the SEP feature set on a group of clients.

Translated Content This is machine translated content Login to Subscribe Please login to set up your subscription. After upgrading SEPM to 12.1 RU5, 32-bit virus definitions do not update Fix ID: 3671931 Symptom: After a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager upgrade to 12.1 RU5, the 32-bit Virus and Spyware Create a SymAccount now!' Unable to install Endpoint Protection client on Windows 10 after applying MS KB3140743 TECH234344 September 16th, 2016 http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH234344 Support / Unable to install Endpoint Protection client on Solution: Changed the SQLANYs_sem5 service SID type from restricted to unrestricted.

Cannot enable "Include only clients that have checked in with the management server today" in SEPM Fix ID: 3646594 Symptom: You cannot enable Include only clients that have checked in with SEPM security status shows Attention Needed when failure threshold has not been met Fix ID: 3678087 Symptom: The message Attention Needed appears on the Home page, but when you click Details, Solution: Corrected the spelling. Solution: Separated the logic for monthly scenario from the other options (Hourly, Daily, Weekly), and optimized the logic to handle all scenarios.

However, this page includes other resources which are not secure.” Solution: Correct the protocol in use to visit links on the Home page to an encrypted version. When attempting to restore quarantined files, Central Quarantine Server (QServer) hangs Fix ID: 3672057 Symptom: When attempting to restore quarantined files, Central Quarantine Server hangs, and the restore never finishes. Don't have a SymAccount? Index rebuild happens more than once in SEPM upgrade Fix ID: 3652818 Symptom: During the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager upgrade process, the indexes are being rebuilt more than once per site,

References 3367659 Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices. Check This Out Solution: Added support for multiple concurrent full.zip content downloads from the Group Update Provider. SEPM fails to upload logs by batch mode when BCP fails Fix ID: 3646935 Symptom: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1.5 (12.1 RU5) fails to revert to batch mode when BCP fails. Is it possible to solve the problem of monitoring using Altiris (state services - sql launch services, the availability of servers, etc.)?

This issue has been solved Forum Discussion by Alexander Cherbunin | 29 Nov 2016 | 3 comments Unusual Download Size of SEP 14 Content Updates Using LUA 2.3.5 I need a Virus Definitions Distribution report bars do not display correctly Fix ID: 3680562 Symptom: Virus Definitions Distribution report bars do not display correctly. References 3919824 Unable to install SEP RU6 MP3 with MS KB3140743 applied to system.

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Limited admin is not able to run commands Fix ID: 3659056 Symptom: Limited administrators cannot run commands after giving them the correct rights to do so. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI45B6.tmp, Entrypoint: ShowServiceProgress ScriptGen: ShowServiceProgress() MSIRUNMODE_SCHEDULED ScriptGen: ShowServiceProgress() calling WaitForSingleObject(scriptStarted) ... Solution: Modified the regex to add support for FQDN.

You may continue working but cannot scan or repair.

Error Symantec Endpoint Protection Error SymantecAntiVirus Auto-Protect could not continue. Solution: Change to File System Auto-Protect driver to appropriately open a file handle to avoid a crash. SEP clients try to reach Download Insight website directly Fix ID: 3611350 Symptom: A Symantec Endpoint Protection component tries to connect to the external Symantec URL for Download Insight, ignoring proxy Cannot uncheck FileCache option on SEPM Fix ID: 3640759 Symptom: When you close the Virus and Spyware Protection policy dialog, a redundant instruction saves the default FileCache options.

Weekly Scheduled Scan does not start on the SEP client Fix ID: 3645127 Symptom: Sometimes, weekly scheduled scan does not start on the Symantec Endpoint Protection client on Windows. The message reads in part: "The Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager server does not have enough memory to start another remote web console session.” Solution: Changed the way these URLs are handled This state should return to 0 once replication completes and does not. http://netlookmag.com/symantec-endpoint/symantec-endpoint-protection-error-1719.html Solution: Configured client to use the randomization setting if we missed the first heartbeat for downloading the content.

Decomposer 42 CREATE_OUTPUT_FILE_FAILED URL List Lookup 8 RESULT_CATEGORY_DOES_NOT_EXIST TECH95033 Please contact support for any of the following: If you encounter a Module / result code combination that is not listed When you export a client package assigned to this group, it fails. Please run LiveUpdate to get the latest version. (Code: 6)." Error Solution Download the Macintosh Intelligent Updater from Symantec Security Response to install the current virus definitions to resolve issues Solution: Changed the API in use to prevent memory leaks when no user is logged in.

Solution: Corrected the setting that erroneously indicated the settings file was still in use. These clients then show up in the Computers Not Scanned report until they complete a scan. Submit a False Positive Report a suspected erroneous detection (false positive).

Information for: Enterprise Small Business Consumer (Norton) Partners Our Offerings: Products Products A-Z Services Solutions Connect with us: Support Solution: Updated the installer to correctly install all necessary Symantec Endpoint Protection kernel components when only the Virus and Spyware Protection and Advanced Download Protection options are chosen.

Management Server Configuration Wizard fails when testing ODBC connection Fix ID: 3675921 Symptom: Installation or reconfiguration of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager fails when you use a domain account without administrative Solution: Quarantine location will now inherit all settings from parent location that are not explicitly set in Quarantine. Try these resources. Busy server experiences worker thread deadlocks and runs out of worker threads Fix ID: 3660134 Symptom: Servers with multiple volumes might experience deadlock when Symantec Endpoint Protection queries for file data.

Lack of the correct ACL settings on the default data path prevent the incoming client data from flowing to the custom folder. Unable to delete Client Install Settings from Admin page Fix ID: 3669194 Symptom: Unable to delete any Client Install Settings through the Admin page if the setting was previously applied to Therefore, the policy does not save FileCache configuration changes. Duplicate processing of DAT files on SEPM Fix ID: 3742133 Symptom: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can duplicate the processing of DAT files if the Apache or Tomcat service restarts, which leads

Mac Host Integrity content 12.1 does not include RU4 version of SEP client for Mac Fix ID: 3501169 Symptom: Host Integrity content did not update to include Symantec Endpoint Protection Mac The first profile received by a SEP client cannot be removed from ccSettings Fix ID: 3718773 Symptom: The first profile received by a Symantec Endpoint Protection managed client cannot be removed Comprehensive risk report fails when selecting "Distribution of Actions Taken against Risks" Fix ID: 3591923 Symptom: When you try to create a comprehensive risk report and select Distribution of Actions Taken Solution: File Reputation Lookup Alert notifications are now created correctly and generate the expected email report.

Solution: Added a SymEFA exclusion to prevent this issue from occurring. Solution: Changed code to unlock the section of the registry before the Sysplant driver tries to modify it, and restores the lock immediately after Sysplant is done.