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Symbian Error Codes

KErrClientDatabaseNotFound -8404 No suitable database was found on the client device. However if the stack has unwound due to an exception before the cleanup stack cleanup happens, stack based objects will now be invalid. KErrMsgBioMessageNotValid -90 ---------- Предходен коментар публикуван в 14:49 ---------- ---------- Последващ коментар добавен в 14:50 ---------- Etel Fax KFaxErrModemNotWorking -101 The fax modem has failed KFaxErrCannotConnect -102 KFaxErrCSIorCIG -103 KFaxErrDISorDTC -104 The handle is not attached to any bookmark object KErrReadOnly -7154 The bookmark item is read only and can not be modified. http://netlookmag.com/symbian-error/symbian-error-codes-newlc.html

KErrSyncHdrMissing -8336 Currently unused. That is, you must not have symbian objects using Qt objects in their destructors, and vice versa. For example Symbian C++ callback methods that do not have the L suffix cannot leave because the calling code may not have been written to be leave-safe. KErrSSLAlertUnexpectedMessage -7510 An inappropriate message was received.

KErrObjectTooLargeToSendToServer -8407 Object is too large to send to server. However, there are no firm rules (other than class construction always leaves with KErrNoMemory if there is no memory to allocate the object), and you will see errors and Leaves used He would like to thank his wife, Judith, and children Franz and Abigail for their support and patience during the writing of this book. The naming conventions allow you to work out whether objects require explicit cleanup support via the cleanup stack (R, C classes) or not (T classes).Exception Handling in the Symbian guide provides

KErrProtoMissing -8335 SyncML message did not specify a protocol. The fax machine is unable to receive faxes KFaxErrCompression -116 Panic KFaxErrPageTooLong -117 Panic KFaxErrDCN -118 KFaxErrRemoteDCN -119 KFaxErrHDLC -120 KFaxErrStopAndWait -121 Panic KFaxErrTrainStop -122 KFaxErrReceiveTimeout -123 Could not send to In this case the helper function may cause an unwelcome exception. Call was unexpectedly dropped" KErrEtelBusyDetected -2004 "Phone number is busy.

This error is seen when StartClientHandshake is called when there is already data waiting to be read from the socket. See below. KErrServerTerminated -15 Client/server send/receive operation cannot run, because the server has terminated. The function is equivalent to Symbian's User::LeaveIfNull.

KErrVersionDTDNotSupported -8343 SyncML message specified an unsupported DTD version. During this time he has seen a great deal of growth; both in Symbian, and, sadly, in his waist measurement.Bibliographic informationTitleSymbian OS Communications ProgrammingVolume 20 of Symbian PressAuthorIain CampbellContributorsDale Self, Emlyn KErrCommandInvalid -8332 Currently unused. KErrMMEtelScFileInvalidated -3221 Selected file is invalidated.

KErrCdmaSmsOriginationDenied -3353 The originating MIN is not recognized, the originating address is not allowed for the originating MIN, the ESN doesn't match the originating MIN, the origination is not authorized, the KErrSSLAlertBadCertificate -7542 A certificate was corrupt,e.g. KErrMMEtelScNoInfoNonVolatileMemoryChanged -3218 No information given, the state of the non-volatile memory is changed. KErrBadHandle -8 An invalid handle has been passed.

KErrServerDatabaseNotFound -8405 No suitable database was found on the server. Check This Out KErrCommsOverrun -31 An overrun has been detected by a communications driver. KErrSSLRecvCanceled -7422 Receieve cancelled. KErrInvalidDatabaseType -302 The type of the database is not valid KErrInvalidName -303 The name of the AP is not valid (length = 0) KErrDescOverflow -304 KErrNullPointerPassed -305 The passed pointer was

KErrCdmaSmsDestinationResourceShortage -3265 A required terminal resource (e.g.memory) is not available to process this message. KErrSSLReceivedAlert -7414 An SSL alert was received from the remote end, which caused the connection to be terminated. Qt works with standard C++ exceptions, whereas Symbian has its TRAP/Leave/CleanupStack system. http://netlookmag.com/symbian-error/symbian-error-de-actualizacion.html Pierre is now responsible for handling the communications area for the Japanese licensees.

There must not be any destructor dependencies between different code styles. KErrSyncEngineErrorBase -8327 Base value for engine-related errors. KErrMMEtelHiddenEntry -3211 The phonebook entry is hidden.This is a USIM phonebook specific error.

Although Qt has supported the mechanism for third-party code since the beginning, historically Qt framework code has not used the mechanism (for reasons of cross-platform compatibility).

ECom can only support a finite number of notificationsECOM Error Codes Comments-17027KEComErrDestroyingWithNullDtorKey-SYMBIANThe client called DestroyedImplementation with a destruction key of NULL. For instance, examine the following code. 1. KErrMMEtelFallbacktoVoice -3212 The request to answer a multimedia call has failed because the network can now only support voice. Your Internet password has expired" KErrIfNoDialInPermission -3055 "Could not connect to Internet service.

This usually occurs when folders are private but some of the bookmarks it contains are public. Currently unreachable KErrHostUnreach -191 Could not connect to the specified server KErrNoProtocolOpt -192 The specified server refuses the selected protocol KErrUrgentData -193 KErrWouldBlock -1000 See also BAFL, OCR and PTI errors KErrSSLNoClientCert -7405 No client certificate was supplied. have a peek here KErrMMEtelFormatNotSupported -3210 The client requested a message format that is not supported by TSY anor phone.

a response when we expected a request) KErrAllDevicesDisconnected -6562 No more devices are connected KErrListenForIncomingConnectionRequestedWithoutListeningSupport -6563 An attempt has been made to start a connection with incoming support only (despite the KErrSSLUnsupportedCipher -7412 Unsupported cipher. KErrSSLRecordHeaderTooBig -7417 Record header field too big. KErrNotOpen -7153 The handle has not been opened.

The server is currently busy KErrImapServerVersion -204 Could not connect to the IMAP server. The barrier functions allow you to catch standard exceptions and convert them to Symbian errors or leaves for propagation into Symbian code, and similarly to convert Symbian C++ leaves or errors KErrConnectionError -8328 Transports could not connect to the server.