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Causevalue : 1114112


S137 - 08 - AN I/O ERROR OCCURRED WHILE POSITIONING THE TAPE IN PREPARATION FOR LABEL PROCESSING. Contact the support organization for the affected application, install the JTAPI or TSP plugin and restart the application. function is XIMINIT. MIS0189E Service service_name can't stop, currently service_state Cause: The named service cannot be stopped because it is not in the ACTIVE or STOPPING state.

Contact Oracle Support Services for instructions for collecting diagnostic information. Explanation: A target system was not found in the Workload Manager table. S004 - THE ERROR OCCURED DURING OPEN PROCESSING USING EITHER BSAM OR QSAM BECAUSE A CONFLICTING OR INVALID DCB PARAMETER (FUNC OR RELATED PARAMETER) IS SPECIFIED. ***IF THE REGISTER 15 RETURN This will prevent reboots seen with the new firmware and older INCLUDE4_2SERIES.DAT.

Causevalue : 1114112

Action: The default class (FACILITY) is used instead. S004 - 04 - INVALID DCB SPECIFIED FOR 3505 OR 3525. MIS0214E Invalid or corrupted unbind structure Cause: This message indicates an internal error. The unit of work is not initiated.

MIS0454E Invalid service name passed to MISSAUTH Cause: This message indicates an internal error. ExplanationCMI service has been started and running Recommended ActionInformational purpose only; no action is required Error Message %UC_CMI-5-CMIServiceStopped:%[AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Service is now stopping.. Action: If the service is in one of the transient states (STARTING or STOPPING), wait until the start or stop operation is completed, and then reissue the START command. Recording Session Terminated Unexpectedly The IP address is shown in either IPv4 or IPv6 format depending on the Application's IP addressing mode Recommended ActionVerify that the correct version of the application is being used.

S30A - 24 - FOR A PRIVATE STORAGE FREEMAIN, THE AREA TO BE FREED IS LARGER THAN WAS SPECIFIED ON THE ORIGINAL GETMAIN, OR THE FREEMAIN START ADDRESS IS NOT VALID. Error Retrieving Active Users From The Im And Presence Server jobName is the JOBNAME extracted from the JCL and is either the current JOBNAME or from JCL that is explicitly passed to XIM. Error Message %UC_CMI-3-ReadingFileFailure:%[ErrorInfo=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:CMI failed to read SMDI messages from the serial port. THE DATASET HAS AN INDEXED SEQUENTIAL ORGANIZATION.

function is the XIM function where the failure occurred. Cisco Causevalue 1114112 TPMC-3SM, version Correctedtext rendering issue in small display areas. The unit of work is not initiated. NOT ENOUGH REAL STORAGE AVAILABLE TO BACK A MINIMUM NUMBER OF VSM CELLS (IN LSQA) DURING LOCAL CELL POOL EXPANSION.

Error Retrieving Active Users From The Im And Presence Server

ExplanationA device record for the announcer device was not found in the database. Known Issues In rare instances, audio pops may be heard in a recording. Causevalue : 1114112 Recommended ActionThis alarm needs monitoring by the db admin Error Message %UC_DB-3-IDSEngineFailure:%[class_id=String][class_msg=String][specific_msg=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Combined alarm for emergency and error situations. Recordingcallsetupfail The target line should be able to receive a call from the line that is attempting to set MWI Error Message %UC_CTI-6-RedirectCallRequestFailed:%[SeqNumber=Long][DirNum=String][Partition=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Request from application to redirect a call has failed.

Action: Shutdown and restart the service. Fixed issue where multiple uploads could occur simultaneously. Action: Contact Oracle Support Services for instructions. Action: If appropriate, grant access to the profile. Recording Call Setup Fail

Error Message %UC_GENERIC-0-FileWriteError:%[PrimaryFilePath=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Cannot write into a file.. MIS0162E Service name parameter missing in request to subsystem subsys Cause: The request to subsystem subsys is missing a service name parameter. Error Message %UC_CTI-4-kCtiLineOpenFailAccessDenied:%[SeqNumber=Int][DirNum=String][Partition=String][DeviceName=String][UserName=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:Line open failed.. However, if the change notification client continues to be blocked for 10 minutes, the system automatically clears the block for all clients except the blocked one, which means that change notifications

S10B - TIME SERVICE ROUTINE ERROR - ERROR IN INPUT PARAMETERS. Cisco Tsp Notifier Bind Socket Failed S102 - 04 - INVALID ECB FOR AN XMPOST (CROSS MEMORY POST). ExplanationAn invalid parity has been configured for the serial port that CMI uses to connect to the voice messaging system.

Recommended ActionCheck system setting and resource, then restart system.

User response: When an active unit of work completes, reissue the XIMINIT for the unit of work. A WRITE MACRO WAS ISSUED CAUSING A SECONDARY EXTENT TO BE OBTAINED. Event ID: 50 Event Type: Warning Event Source: Ftdisk Description: {Lost Delayed-Write Data} The system was attempting to transfer file data from buffers to \Device\HarddiskVolume4. Lastoutofserviceinformation Jan. 2010 HSBC business banking is broken :( keep getting System Error: An error has occurred.

For more information, see the following topics. Please try the request again. To do so, go to Cisco Unified CM Administration and click User Management > End User/Application User, select the user and click the Edit Credential button, then . Recommended ActionCheck the status of the Cisco CallManager service in Cisco Unified Serviceability > Tools > Control Center - Featured Services.

The serial port may have returned an invalid handle because the system did not properly detect the USB cable. Recommended ActionDevice will not start; fix problem and restart service. MIS0118E Syntax error in parameter: parameter Cause: The parameter: parameter contains a syntax error. S201 - THE WAIT MACRO EXPANSION CONTAINED AN INVALID EVENT CONTROL BLOCK (ECB) ADDRESS OR THE PROGRAM IS NOT IN THE SAME KEY AS THE ECB.

MIS0204E Requested service not found Cause: This message indicates an internal error. I/O RECOVERY ROUTINE FAILED. S002 - 0C - AN INVALID RECORD WAS ENCOUNTERED ON A PUT OR WRITE OPERATION. ExplanationCMI can't establish connection with the Unified Communications Manager Recommended ActionCheck the address/status of the CallManager and the network Error Message %UC_CMI-3-DisconnectionToCCM:%[Cisco Unified Communications Manager Name=String][AppID=String][ClusterID=String][NodeID=String]:CMI loses the connection with Unified

Action: You might need to increase the size of the CSA. S106 - 10 - THE CONTROL PROGRAM DETECTED A RELOCATION ERROR IN THE LOAD MODULE. S202 - 08 - FOR A POST IN A USER KEY AND A WAIT IN A SYSTEM KEY, THE ECB TO BE POSTED DOES NOT MATCH ANY ECB BEING WAITED ON. MIS0307E Service service_name unable to schedule resume notification Cause: The service address space could not be contacted.